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Principal, Amy Jones

Ms. Jones, who is bilingual, began her career teaching in a Spanish language classroom in the Roseland Public School District in 1997. She would go on to become a site administrator, High School Principal and eventually Superintendent in the same district over the course of her 24-year career. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University and holds a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Special Educational Leadership. Over the past decade she has been widely recognized as a highly valued leader in the Sonoma County educational community and has participated on numerous educational boards and spoken at various conferences.  Ms. Jones was the co-founder and first Principal of both Roseland University Prep and Roseland Collegiate Prep High Schools. Both schools are nationally recognized as model programs with high college going rates and effective systems to support student success. Furthermore, both are premised on equity, community collaboration and empowerment for traditionally underserved student populations.

In all of her roles, Ms. Jones is known for being an enthusiastic advocate for all students. She has a strong track record of working with the entire community in Santa Rosa and effortlessly develops impactful, lasting relationships with students, staff, and parents. Furthermore, she has a passion for helping students maximize their potential through high expectations and personalized systems of support. This passion has distinguished her as an educational leader in Sonoma County and resulted in strong outcomes in the schools she has worked in. Her staff and colleagues recognize her as an outstanding communicator and collaborator and she is known for creating powerful partnerships within schools as well as between schools and the community.

Amy Jones
Amy Jones, Principal

(707) 431-3475