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Distance Learning Student/Parent Resources

A message from Mr. halliday 

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Welcome Back to School Letter

A Message from Team Success
Hello HHS Parents,
We hope everything is going well for each of you during this stressful time. The pandemic and sheltering is obviously difficult for adults, but is also especially challenging for teenagers who no longer have the social contact/support from their peers and have also lost the daily routine that attending school offers. In an attempt to further support students, Team Success, our student support services/mental health program is reaching out to students at this time. If you receive a call from a Team Success staff member please allow your child to check-in in order to support and maintain positive mental health.
Thank you.



hhs teachers

  Jamie Atwood Math Teacher
  Audrey Beehler English & AVID
  Bernadette Calhoun Math Teacher
  John Camp AP Psychology & 11th Seminar
  Josh Cavanagh PE & Frosh Seminar
  John Chevalier Digital Film
  Derek Corsino Culinary Arts
  Carolina Diaz Spanish Teacher
  Mark Domenichelli PE Teacher
  Mike Efram Math & Computer Science
  Ben Gunter English Teacher
  Arlie Haun Special Education Teacher
  Wesley Hunt Agriculture Teacher
  Andrew Kempiak Science & Frosh Seminar
  Linus Lancaster Art Teacher
  John Linker English & AVID
  Patrick McDowell Science Teacher
  Yasha Mokaram History Teacher
  John Natelli Band Teacher
  Riley Dale Ag Science
  Eric O'Connor Social Studies Teacher
  Dennis Ojeda-Jones English & Journalism
  Brian Osborn Auto Shop
  Terry Pagni CASA Teacher
  Dana Parnay Math Teacher
  Sharon Pollack English & 11th Seminar
  Sarah Ronis Special Education
  Andrea Ruiz Spanish Teacher
  Todd Sheehy Math Teacher
  Thor Topp MBA Teacher
  Thomas Warf History Teacher