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The Hound's Bark

9-27-2013 009
9-27-2013 008

The Staff

Editor in Chief: Emma Tremont
News Editor: 
Natalie Bozeman
Assistant News Editor: Mary Ritchie
Feature Editor: Grace Vanden Heuval
Assistant Feature Editor: Sydnie Conner
Entertainment Editor: Yasmin Villa
Assistant Entertainment Editor: Lezlith Martinez 
Flipside Editor: Gabrielle Peterson
Assistant Flipside Editor: Hayley Costello
Sports Editor: Wilson Kiff
Assistant Sports Editor: Sam Chaidron
Opinion Editor: Lindsey Collins
Assistant Opinion Editor: Kevin Trebilcock
Business Manager: Alex Dominguez
Subscription Manager: Emma Tremont
Clipping Clerk: 
Hailey Richardson
Website Manager: Lindsey Collins
Bulletin Board Manager:
Sydnie Conner
Video Managers: Mary Ritchie, Hayley Costello 

Teacher Advisor: Dennis Ojeda-Jones


Current year editions can be found on the Hound's Bark Website-  link above