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Sophomore/Junior Academies

Arts, Media, Film and Music Academy

The Arts, Media, Film and Music (AM/FM) Academy is a small learning community that engages students by framing the curriculum and culture through their interests. There is strong research that shows if teaching and learning dovetails with student interest achievement rises. AM/FM is more than a couple of classes, it’s a culture. To build and foster this culture, student engagement and team building activities are a part of the curriculum. AM/FM students are scheduled together as a cohort for two years during 10th and 11th grade. During these two years students have in their core academic content of English and history and take a Career Technical Education (CTE) elective course together.

AM/FM will inspire students’ imaginations by traveling outside the walls of the classrooms to see where important historical and artistic events happened. AM/FM will create cross­ curricular projects that place students in the learning space they need to develop so they can be successful in life after school, whether it’s college or the work world. AM/FM will provide tutoring and team building activities outside of the regular school day so students have a positive place to enrich their academic achievement and connections to each other and their community.

AM/FM teachers engage the students in teambuilding activities, interdisciplinary projects, work ­based learning and take students off campus for learning experiences such as study trips to Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp during WWII.

Construction and Sustainability Academy

The Construction and Sustainability Academy (CASA) Construction Technology pathway provides students with 4 course offerings over 4 years at HHS. With Construction Technology as the introductory course, students are instructed in how to safely use and maintain tools, the basics of plan reading, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, welding and other basic skills.  Intermediate class CASA Engineering focuses on a science-based approach to green building, solar power, energy efficiency, and the science behind environmental regulation. In addition to being CTEs, CASA Arts is a college prep art class and Advanced Construction Technology is a college prep science. This advantageous combination of science, building, and the arts equips Healdsburg High School students with the skills to join local building firms, enables them to enter the growing green industry and jobs market, and provides them with the practical knowledge they will need to succeed in the fields of architecture, industrial design, or engineering.


Construction Technology (intro level) CTE

Advanced Construction Technology (advanced level) CTE

CASA Engineering (intermediate level?) college prep Science and/or CTE

CASA Arts (intermediate level?) college prep Art and/or CTE

Global Table Academy

The Culinary, English and Social Science pathway at Healdsburg High School is designed to support students by team teaching an interdisciplinary subject matter, sharing one group of students between three subjects. We have chosen Culinary Arts as the CTE focus of our pathway because it supports the already existing thriving industry of Hospitality and Tourism in Sonoma County. In year one of the course, we will be focusing on American History with an emphasis on basic food production, food preservation, seasonality and emphasis/usage of local ingredients, taste and flavor analyzing and comparison, event planning, customer service, budgeting and costing out, basic meat preparation, job shadows and peer counseling, immigration of the 1880s and it’s influence in America. Second Year of the course has a more global focus with the first civilizations, discovery of bread, fermentation and the influence of agriculture, baking and the analyzations of usage of grain throughout the world, the Spice Trade and Columbian Exchange and the influences of contemporary life, the influences of war on the homefront and how it affects food production and food allocation, analyze the inventors of the industrial era and focus on entrepreneurship.

At the end of the two year course students will have a Certification of Food Handling from California, a blog/portfolio that was created by students and houses all coursework, an internship Junior year with a keen focus in student interest, speak analytically about food issues around the world, and be well versed in the tastes and preparations of global cuisine.