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Marce Becerra Academy

Marce Becerra Academy is a small, innovative learning community dedicated to education through the lense of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. Our mission is to prepare students for the post high school world, green careers, and being 21st century, life-long learners. Students focus on developing soft skills, exploring careers and working with our community partners:

    Sunrise Rotary Club of Healdsburg
    Russian River Keeper, “Clean Campus Clean Creeks” program
    Landpaths, “Inspired Forward “program
    Eco2Schools, ‘Climate Protection Campaign”
    Alliance Medical Center, “Teen Health Education program”

Vias Verdes courses connect academic subjects through meaningful work, engaging students in real world, local issues based curriculum. Authentic learning takes place as our students participate in Inquiry Based Learning projects in their local community.

Our technology based curriculum employs STEM and MOOC project based learning and aligns with the current California Environmental Education Initiative. Units of study include Organic Crop Planning, Agricultural Composting, Cool Season Vegetable Production, Global Water Issues, Land Management and Restoration, and Climate Change.

Marce Becerra Academy
1024 Prince Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Phone (707) 431-3420
Fax (707) 431-3467