Summer School info for HHS Students




PURPOSE:  Summer school is by invitation only. The learning program is for credit recovery for students who need to repeat a class they did not pass, and is being offered during summer school. Based on availability, counselors will prioritize “D” validation students, who need to retake class for an “A-G” required “C” or higher course. 


WHERE:  Summer school will be held at Healdsburg Junior High School. 


WHEN: Session 1:  June 11-June 28, 2024.  Time: 9 a.m.-12 noon (ends on Friday, June 28th). 

(June 17th is a holiday, no school).  


Session 2: July 9-July 25, 2024. Time: 9:00 a.m.-12 noon.  (ends of Thursday, June 25, 2024). 



PLEASE WAIT FOR COUNSELOR TO MEET WITH YOU. Counselors will CALL IN students from March 27th-May 12th for pre-registration meetings. Only students who have failed a course, and that course is offered during summer school, will be placed in a summer school class. 

If you were not called in, and you have a previously failed course that is being offered during summer school, see your counselor by May 17th. ONLY ONE COURSE PER SESSION IS ALLOWED


REGISTRATION: During their pre-registration meeting with your counselor, you will receive the registration form for summer school. You must return the form, signed and completed, within 7 school days of the pre-registration meeting.  Failure to return registration forms within 7 days of their pre-registration, will jeopardize your summer school enrollment.  If you need busing, you may also receive a busing application during pre-registration with your counselor. You must also bring back your busing application at the same time of your registration form.  


HOW WILL I KNOW THAT I AM ENROLLED:  Students will be notified by email by May 23rd. Any second semester failures will be registered by June 9th for your summer school class.  



English - all grade levels, available for both session

Science- lower level science, Biology, available for both session

Social Science/History- PLATO only, available for both session


Session 1 - IM1a -teacher #1,  IM2a-teacher #2 (No exceptions)

Session 2 - IM1b -teacher #1, IM2b–teacher #2 (No exceptions)

PLATO- Offered for both sessions. Plato placements are based on pre-registration meetings with counselors


NUTRITION:  Breakfast and Lunch provided.


TRANSPORTATION: Busing is available for most routes. Bus application must be completed and returned with registration form. 


CONTACTIf you have any questions as summer school is developed contact Dr. Perez  ([email protected]) or Ms. Russell-Maya ([email protected]). You can also call the HHS office at 707.431.3420.



 Maya Russell-Nava and Dennis Perez, co-principals