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Information for Juniors

Junior year is packed with standardized test, difficult courses, and the need to begin your college search in earnest. Here is a calendar with important information. Refer to the Junior Newsletter for a complete list of test dates, registration deadlines, and other important information for juniors.

Dates to Remember and Put on Your Calendar

  • August: Review high school coursework and activity plans. Keep in mind that colleges look for the challenging coursework, strong GPA and involvement in extracurricular activities such as sports, volunteer work or church involvement.
  • September: Identify sources of college and career information at school through Naviance, the catalogues in the career center and with your counselor.
  • October: Take the PSAT (bring your calculator) Attend College night. After this evening's discussion, time should be planned at home to talk over possibilities, alternatives, and limitations.
  • November: Advise your counselor and congressional representative if you are planning to apply to a military academy.
  • Dec-Jan: Winter Break is a good time to visit schools of interest to you or sample local schools such as Sonoma State University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Dominican University, St. Mary's college, Mills college, USF, Stanford University, San Francisco State University, etc.
  • February: Watch the deadlines for regular registration for the March SAT Critical Reasoning Test. The SAT test measures critical reading, math and writing skills.
  • March: SAT-Juniors have a choice of 3 dates to take the SAT in the spring, and must be certain to take it once. They will take it once more in the fall-either Oct., Nov., or Dec., of their senior year; multiple testing is not advisable. Scores don't need to be sent to colleges from the spring testing because later reports are cumulative. Sign up for the AP exams.
  • April: Another good time to visit schools of interest to you is during spring break. Create a list of colleges that interest you and save the list on Naviance.
  • May: If you choose to take the ACT take it before the end of your junior year and compare to see which test you prefer (SAT or ACT) and retake the test you are more comfortable with in the Fall of your senior year. Teacher recommendations- by this date you need to have spoken with 2 teachers who know you well and asked them to write recommendations for you.  Some teacher may work on them during the summer.
  • Summer: Preview applications- It's easier to check online for applications, even though new apps may not be posted until late August, looking at this year's apps is a good preview. Be sure you use the CURRENT application when you actually apply.