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Financial Aid Process

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Financial Aid Info


What is FAFSA?

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It reports both you and your parent/s income and taxes for the year before your 1st year in college, JC or Technical School. Colleges use this information to put together a financial aid package for you.

Steps to follow to complete the FAFSA:

1. Get a PIN for you and your parent. The FAFSA is a legal document so it must be signed. You sign with an electronic signature called a PIN. To apply for a PIN, go to either or to You will need the official name as shown on you/your parent's Social Security cards, birthdates, and an email address to apply.

2. Gather information! This includes: 

*Income information from W-2's, paycheck stub, or previous year's taxes

*Social Security numbers for both student and parent


*Savings account and any other income information

*Driver's licence number if you have one

3. Apply:

To apply for FAFSA, go to Create a username and password and keep it!

**To qualify, you must be a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen

**Note: When you apply to FAFSA, you automatically are also applying for Cal Grants, our California grant programs

4.  When do I apply?

The filing period is from January 1st to March 2nd of your senior year.

5. Help? What if my parents say they won't know their income until they complete their taxes in April?

In that case, put in the approximate income and taxes paid, OR use the income information from the previous year. The FAFSA allows you to go back later and make corrections once taxes are complete - the sooner the better this year!

6. What do I do next?

A few days after filing the FAFSA, you can go to the website and look at your SAR, the Student Aid Report. It can give you some possible financial aid information, BUT, it is the colleges that you are accepted to that will send you a complete and accurate financial aid award letter during the month of April.